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Classic Hair Styles & Shaves – Lowest Price in Huntington!

Iron Hand Barbers

Visit our locally owned and operated barber shop located on 4th Avenue!  Schedule an appointment today!

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Our Story

A Place For The Modern Man

Iron Hand Barbers was created with a vision of a sharper looking world. The shop was established in early 2017 in Huntington, Wv. The idea was a simple one. Have a place without all the flash and whistles where a man can go and get a modern look but in an old-school fashion. Come in, sit down, share a story, and then leave looking better than ever.

The Team

The Iron Hands Team is a group of highly trained barbers. We specialize in men’s hair styling and continue to learn new techniques that allow us to remain number one in our area. We are licensed and have attended all proper training to become the best in the business!

Wes Hay

Wes Hay



Bobby Hughes

Bobby Hughes


Know How To Talk To Your Barber

It’s important to be able to communicate what you want to your barber. Here are some terms you might need to know.


The Fade consists of a very short taper that “fades” into the skin — thus giving this haircut its name. You can ask for your fade to end high on the sides and back (High Fade), low (Low Fade), or at the temples (Temple or Brooklyn Fade).

Guard Size

These refer to the guards that go onto the clippers. Ranging from 0 (As close as you can get to bald and still have hair.) usually up to an 8 (A full Inch) If you aren’t sure just  remember to start with the bigger number and work down.


This is the back of your neck, and the hairline there should always be kept tidy, whether that means a defined hairline or natural fade.


 This is the space between your hairline and your ears. If you ask your barber to cut a high arch, then the space will be bigger, which in turn makes small ears look bigger. Most men prefer to ask for a natural arch, where the barber simply neatens up the natural hairline.


“Choppy” refers to a desired texture, which, when achieved, resembles a nonchalant, messy look.


Monday - Wednesday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00pm

Sunday: Closed

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